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About Aapax

Aapax Medical Transportation is a non emergency medical transportation company located in Sacramento, California.  Aapax Medical Transportation is built off of our passion for helping the people in need.  Our mission is to provide the best, safest, and most reliable handicapped transportation in Sacramento, California. 
Aapax Medical Transportation is the leading non-emergency transportation service for wheelchair users local to the Sacramento area.  We focus on providing the safest and most reliable handicapped transportation for the disabled ones in need!  Our reputation is built on a foundation of respect for our customers, and our goal is to provide you with the best transportation where ever you need to go.
We are motivated by benefiting the people that are in of need the help of others.  At Aapax, we treat our clients like family.  We understand that transportation can be difficult at times and we are here to help.  We have experience with a wide range of cases of different types of mobility conditions.  We have provided services for people of all ages and destinations.

Regardless of who you are, no matter the case of mobility, you know that when it comes to something as essential as transportation, you need to be choosing the right company.  You need efficiency, professionalism, safety, and dependability just to get you to consider a transportation company.  With Aapax Medical Transportation, you will be getting all that and a whole lot more.  It will be the difference between knowing you’re going to get professional service when you need it, or not.  To help you stay in charge, we are here to show you the way to professionalism through what we can offer for non-emergency medical transportation.  

For example, when you have a family gathering to get to and you need transportation, you know that you want to trust the right company to get everyone there safely and on time.  We can help with that.  If you have an appointment at a beauty parlour, a shopping errand, a church event, or a class at school, we are here there for that too.  We understand that your needs are going to vary, so we are ready to help you make sure that your transportation needs are always being met.
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