Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Sacramento, California


Welcome to the official website of Aapax Medical Transportation! We are a Non Emergency Medical Transportation company located in Sacramento, California. We provide transportation for Non Emergency cases.  We provide wheelchair, gurney, ambulatory, and long distance transportation. We cover service in Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights, Carmichael, Folsom, El dorado Hills, Stockton, Fresno, Bay Area and More! We provide safe, reliable, respectable, and affordable accessible transportation services that you can count on. We believe that no matter the mobility condition, all people deserve affordable and reliable Medical Transportation that provides safety and comfort. We are committed to improving the lives of the people in need through our services. Our purpose is driven by our passion for helping the ones in need through safe and reliable transportation. We make it incredibly easy for Wheelchair users and other handicapped individuals to get to their destination on time comfortably and safely.

The Aapax Experience!


Safety is our number one priority here at Aapax. Our vans are equipped with heavy duty straps. You or your loved one will be secured safely with high quality safety equipment. Our drivers drive with extreme caution to ensure your safety! We are the best choice for your medical transportation needs!


Our vans are ADA compliant. The size and space of our vans make it very comfortable for any passenger no matter the case of mobility. The loading and unloading experience with us is very smooth and easy to make it easier for our passengers to feel safe and comfortable while enjoy their ride with Aapax Medical!


We understand that medical transportation can be expensive. We provide affordable services which will allow you to save a great amount of money when looking for non emergency medical transportation. Aapax Medical provides the most affordable transportation services in Sacramento.

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When living life in a wheelchair, whether it’s long-term, short-term or anywhere in between, you understand that nothing is as easy as it should be.  From seating at restaurants to trips to a friend’s house, life is harder than it should be.  We are proud to offer wheelchair transportation to make sure that you can get affordable transportation wherever you want to go for medical purposes.  Whether it’s routine, or a trip with multiple stops, we focus on offering the right kind of transport for all wheelchair users.  It’s simply about making transportation accessible, whatever that may mean for those in wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Transportation

No matter how specific you think your transportation requests may be, no matter how niche-specific they appear, remember that trustworthy service specific to the medical industry is what we do.  We will be able to help you achieve the convenience, safety, professionalism, and accuracy that you need when it comes to medical appointments and other transportation services that we can provide for you in your time of need.  Just because a person in your life has reduced mobility doesn’t mean that anything necessarily needs to change. You just have to find the right transportation method that is going to work for you, your loved one, and your schedules. We are sensitive to your need for compassion, patience, professionalism, and of course, dependable service. We are here to offer all of those things to you with safety and dependability being our two priorities to make your service that much better.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation

When you need dependability that you can trust when it comes to a loved one with any of these conditions, look no further than the professional and dependable service that you will find waiting for you with Aapax Medical Transportation. It could just make all of the difference that you’re looking for, and you will be able to enjoy it for everyone’s benefit, which continues to make this the right decision for you.  All that’s left is for you to put it all into action and watch your concerns simply drift away when it comes to medical transportation.  Whether you’re looking to use our non-medical transportation for a one-time event, regularly, or even every single day for all of your errands, we are happy to help.  We are here to provide safe and professional transportation so that you always associate Aapax Medical Transportation with dependable service.