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Welcome to the official website of Aapax Medical Transportation! We are a Non Emergency Medical Transportation company located in Sacramento, California. We provide transportation for Non Emergency cases.  We provide wheelchair, gurney, ambulatory, and long distance transportation. We cover service in Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights, Carmichael, Folsom, El dorado Hills, Stockton, Fresno, Bay Area and More! We provide safe, reliable, and affordable accessible transportation services that you can count on. We believe that no matter the mobility condition, all people deserve affordable and reliable Medical Transportation that provides safety and comfort. We are committed to improving the lives of the people in need through our services. Our purpose is driven by our passion for helping the ones in need through safe and reliable transportation. We make it incredibly easy for Wheelchair users and other handicapped individuals to get to their destination on time comfortably and safely.

The Aapax Experience!


Safety is our number one priority here at Aapax. Our vans are equipped with heavy duty straps. You or your loved one will be secured safely with high quality safety equipment. Our drivers drive with extreme caution to ensure your safety! We are the best choice for your medical transportation needs!


Our vans are ADA compliant. The size and space of our vans make it very comfortable for any passenger no matter the case of mobility. The loading and unloading experience with us is very smooth and easy to make it easier for our passengers to feel safe and comfortable while enjoy their ride with Aapax Medical!


We understand that medical transportation can be expensive. We provide affordable services which will allow you to save a great amount of money when looking for non emergency medical transportation. Aapax Medical provides the most affordable transportation services in Sacramento.

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When living life in a wheelchair, getting around can be more difficult than it needs to be.  Whether it be seating at public events, restaurants, or routine medical appointments, mobility is much more difficult than it should be.  Aapax Medical is proud to offer affordable transportation for the handicapped community.  We are determined to give access to the proper transportation to the people in need.  Need it be routine medical appointments, daily errands, or any other basic need of transportation, we at Aapax Medical Transportation are here to provide reliable handicap transportation.    

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No matter the request of transportation, we are here to help.  Aapax Medical provides service for non medical purposes.  Whether you need to run daily errands or go to a family event, we are here to help you with your specific transportation requests.  We understand that no matter the destination, getting around can be difficult when living life handicapped.  Our mission is to positively impact the handicapped community any way we can whether that be transporting patients to medical appointments or taking a patient to the grocery store so they can meet their needs as people.  Here at Aapax, we are more than happy to help in any way we can no matter the level of mobility or the request of transportation.

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When you need a dependable service that you can trust when giving care to you or your loved ones,  look no further than Aapax Medical Transportation.  You will be extremely satisfied with the professionalism that we have to offer here at Aapax Medical.  Choosing us will make all the difference that you are looking for and will be the right decision for you.  We will show you that your concerns will go away when choosing Aapax Medical Transportation for your transportation needs.  We care about the safety and comfort of our passengers being safety our number one priority.  We will guarantee your satisfaction with our services.  Whether you are looking to use our services frequently or just once, we will make sure that will associate Aapax Medical with professionalism and dependability.   

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