Gurney Transportation

Gurney Transportation Sacramento, California

If you are bed-bound and cannot drive yourself, we have a solution for you! Aapax Medical Transportation provides gurney transportation for those who are bed-bound, cannot walk or bear weight on their legs. If you have an appointment at your doctor’s office and you cannot drive yourself, Aapax Medical Transportation is here for you!

Transporting patients to their medical appointments to get the care they need is a very crucial factor in the healthcare system. Over three million Americans miss their medical appointments due to not being able to receive transportation. With Aapax Medical dispatching 24/7, you will never need to worry about finding medical transportation any day of the week at any time!

We make mobility easy for the ones that are non-weight-bearing with our gurney transportation services. Our staff will safely transfer our patients in and out of our high-quality gurneys. We use the most high-quality equipment. We ensure the safety and comfort of our passengers by using high-quality stretchers. We provide quality care that is needed for our patients. We make sure that our clients are secured properly to our gurneys while maintaining their comfort. Our staff are professionally trained and take proper action to transfer patients in and out of our stretchers to and from destinations. Our drivers have training in first aid and CPR.

Non-Emergency Gurney Transportation is much more affordable than using an ambulance and that’s why our services will benefit you. Not only will it be more affordable, but we will also ensure you or your loved one’s safety and care just like an ambulance. Do not make the mistake of calling an ambulance for a non-emergency. An ambulance is very expensive, even with insurance. Gurney transportation benefits the ones that are bed-bound that cannot bear weight. When choosing gurney transportation, you need to choose a reputable company, that’s why you turn to us at Aapax Medical.

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