Dialysis Transportation

Sacramento, CA

The kidneys play a very important role in the health of our bodies. The kidney’s job is to keep our blood clean while also producing hormones to keep our blood healthy and our bones strong. The kidneys do this by filtering the blood of extra wastes, salt, and water. When kidneys fail, treatment is needed to do the work the kidneys would do if the kidneys had not failed. This treatment is called dialysis. Dialysis is needed several times a week therefor needing routine dialysis transportation.

There are two main types of dialysis:

Hemodialysis: A dialysis treatment using a machine called a Dialyzer (often referred to as an artificial kidney). The Dialyzer is connected to the blood vessels from an access point usually in the arm made by a small incision granting access to the bloodstream. Hemodialysis is usually performed at a specific clinic several times a week.

Peritoneal Dialysis: A dialysis treatment using the lining of the abdomen called the Peritoneum (Peritoneal Membrane) and a cleaning solution called Dialysate to filter and clean the blood. Dialysate is used to absorb waste and excess fluid from the blood while using the peritoneum as the a filter.

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