Ambulatory Transportation

Ambulatory Transportation Sacramento

Getting in and out of vehicles is made easy with Aapax Medical. Whether you use assistive devices or not, our ambulatory transportation services allow smooth access to our vehicles for our ambulatory patients. Our ambulatory services make it incredibly easy for individuals who can walk and transfer safely into our vehicles. We provide safe ambulatory transportation to any destination whether it be a doctor’s appointment, dialysis treatment, or anything in between.

Our staff members assist passengers in and out of our vehicles to ensure the comfort and safety of our clients. We allow our drivers to wait if you would like our drivers to stand by while passengers attend their activities. We are trained and equipped to transport all levels of mobility. Whether you use a walker, are in a wheelchair, or bed-bound, we will provide reliable transportation for you. Our vans are safe and easy to get in to. We have a wide variety of vehicles to accommodate any case of mobility.

With Aapax Medical, we are proud to offer safe and reliable transportation that allows our passengers to remain relaxed in a safe environment. We offer services no matter the destination. We provide transportation for patients who have just received a colonoscopy or any procedure the leaves the patient unable to drive. Our ambulatory transportation services make it easy for all patients to get around. Our services come at significantly affordable rates.

When we arrive, we assist our patients in every point they need to go to. Our drivers are very caring and kind making sure all of our patients receive the care and attention they need to meet their needs.

Aapax Medical is here to provide transportation for people relying on wheelchairs and other handicap devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We dispatch drivers any time of the day, every day! You will never need to worry about finding medical transportation in times of need.

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